Program Resources

Within the context of more intentional case management, LSS operates over 50 specialized programs, offering resources to people in need. These programs range from aging and disabled supportive services, resources for veterans, transitional and permanent affordable housing, job training and financial literacy, behavioral health services, youth mentoring and academic success, refugee and immigrant services, family services of all types, disaster preparedness and response, and many others.

Each individual experiences their own unique combination of challenges. We attempt to equip them with tools and access to networks of resources to provide help for their family at different points along the continuum of care, enabling them to move toward independence and find encouragement.

List of Programs

Please note that all programs/services are NOT available at every LSS location. Please call ahead to verify available services.
Click the icons below to view service locations. Blue text links to additional information on that resource.


  • Talent Search – Through the U.S. Department of Education TRIO program, school-based activities engage students & their parents to encourage persistence through high school

    Locations: San Diego County
  • Upward Bound – Through the U.S. Department of Education TRIO program, mentoring is designed to provide skills and motivation to complete high school, then enter and succeed in a program of post-secondary education

    Locations: San Diego County
  • After School Program

    Locations: CCLM
  • Financial Literacy – Money-management and other training to foster economic independence and financial health

    Locations: Riverside County, South Bay / Long Beach
  • Computer Literacy – Fostering competence in web search, program utilization and basic skills

    Locations: San Fernando Valley / Canoga Park, CCLM
  • Vocational & Employment – Resume preparation, job interview training, employment opportunity referrals

    Locations: Riverside County, South Bay / Long Beach
  • Community Garden – Encompasses nutritional education, recipe building and budgeting information through the development of garden spaces

    Locations: San Fernando Valley / Canoga Park, CCLM, South Bay / Long Beach
  • Sewing Cooperative & Baking class

    Locations: CCLM
  • Aerobics class

    Locations: CCLM

  • Genesis – 8+ permanent affordable housing units

    Locations: Riverside County
  • Port Hueneme – Short-term transitional living for a maximum of 4 months

    Locations: Ventura County
  • Homeless 2 Home – Long-term transitional living provided for families & individuals who are on track toward independent living

    Locations: Ventura County, San Fernando Valley / Canoga Park
  • Supportive Housing for Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS

    Locations: CCLM
  • CSRI Reentry House for Men

    Locations: CCLM
  • Transitional Housing Program for Men

    Locations: CCLM

  • Senior Companion Program – Serves frail seniors in the community by pairing them up with volunteers companions who can assist with errands and other household tasks, or simply provide conversation and friendship

    Locations: San Diego County
  • Caring Neighbors – Providing minor home repair for low income seniors or persons with disabilities

    Locations: San Diego County
  • Prevention & Early Intervention for Older Adults – Client referrals from case-management

    Locations: San Bernardino County
  • Norwalk Project – Support programs for seniors in the community

    Locations: South Bay / Long Beach

  • Avanti Adult Developmental Center – Adults with developmental disabilities reach their maximum potential, community access & healthy personal choices

    Locations: San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena
  • Disabled Outreach – Services to the community from house cleaning & laundry to car washes, shopping assistance or yard clean up

    Locations: San Fernando Valley / Canoga Park, San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena
  • Job & Life Skills Training – Mentoring that enhances client participation in the community

    Locations: Riverside County, San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena
  • Advocacy & Education – Fostering community awareness and support for the developmentally disabled

    Locations: San Gabriel Valley / Pasadena

  • Healthy California Families – Addressing the vital needs of ethnic minority women, children & families, reducing student drop out and fostering better communication

    Locations: South Bay / Long Beach
  • English as a Second Language – Classes to assist first generation clients to reach functional literacy in English

    Locations: South Bay / Long Beach, CCLM
  • Cambodian Outreach – Workshops concerning marriage and family issues specific to the Cambodia & Vietnamese communities in Southern California

    Locations: South Bay / Long Beach
  • Hispanic Outreach – Providing assistance, case management, literacy training (ESL), educational programs and gang violence prevention

    Locations: South Bay / Long Beach

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Ambassadors are short-term volunteers who open doors for our organization in the community, introducing new people at our bi-monthly Fostering Community Care event. These are one hour awareness events only (no solicitations are made) to expose people to the great work of LSS Community Care. To become an Ambassador here are your responsibilities:
  1. 1 – Attend at least one Fostering Community Care event during the calendar year
  2. 2 – Host or invite and bring 10-15 guests to one Fostering Community Care event within 3 months of your attending one yourself.
  3. 3 – Inform your invited guests of what the Fostering Community Care meeting will be about, and let them know that they will receive a follow up call from the organization
  4. 4 – Ambassadors will complete their commitment after bringing 10-15 persons within the 3 month time period. An Ambassador has the option to complete after one term, continue for another 3 month term or move into another role on the team.
Become an Ally

Allies are community members who want to be in a supportive, intentional, befriending relationship with an individual or family working to get out of poverty.

Other ways to help the Southern California Family Support Initiative
  • Be an Ad-Hoc Ally – share your special skill or talent
  • Be a member of your local Community Leadership Team
  • Assist with weekly Child Care/Children’s Programs
  • Be a Community Spokesman – talk about the initiative and recruit others to join
  • Financially Sponsor a Family Leader
  • Facilitate/assist with Training Our Leaders and Allies
  • Behind-the-scenes work – internet research, graphic design, writing
We are actively seeking individuals and groups to be a part of our on-going mission to serve those in need. LSS administers over 50 specialized programs and services throughout the Southern California region. Contact your nearest LSS Center to hear about the local opportunities they have available.
Be a positive role model
Give back to others and help change lives
Transform communities
Spend your time doing something rewarding
Meet new people
Have fun
Learn new skills, share your talents, build your resume

The life you change most – may be your own!