One Meal at a Time

Boy Scouts Meal PicThroughout the holiday season, it is fairly easy to come across stories of gift giving, great acts of service and helping others. These stories are inspirational and a highlight of the season year after year.  However, we feel blessed to be an organization that can see and hear stories like these all year long, because of those who are willing to give selflessly of their time and efforts to come alongside us in helping the poor in Southern California!

The Boy Scouts are a group who are often recognized for their service projects and acts of kindness, but we were personally affected by the efforts of two young men, who also happen to be twin brothers, as they chose to use their projects to bless LSS and those we serve. Read one of their stories below, and come back soon to read about his brother!

One of the boys, Timothy, chose to bless others through the gift of food. His project was called “Making a Difference, One Meal at a Time”, and he set a goal to be able to fundraise enough to donate to one of our food pantries in Los Angeles, as well as to host a luncheon. Timothy held a large scale food drive, and with the donations that came in he was able to deliver a van FULL of food and toiletries to the LSS pantry. We were blown away!  But he didn’t stop there.

For the luncheon, he obtained donations from church, friends, and even Ralphs and Costco in order to help fund the meal. He then coordinated a group of volunteers to shop for, cook and serve the food. They provided a complete meal, including hot dogs, chips, fruit, dessert and beverages with many guests thanking them for “the best meal they had eaten in a long time”. After reaching his goal and providing so many with an amazing meal, Timothy had one more surprise for us. He had actually exceeded his fundraising goals and was able to donate over $200 to LSS to be used in the other programs and services we provide!

“The highest of distinctions is service to others.” King George IV

We are beyond grateful for Timothy’s efforts and the need he fulfilled for so many in LA, and we hope these great acts of service are multiplied as others are inspired by the story of what just one young man was able to accomplish. We can’t wait to share with you the idea that his twin brother, Daniel, came up with. Check back soon to read about the truly special project that brought so much joy to a community!

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