Dr. Beckwith’s Friday Inspiration For April 14th

Happy Friday, Team!

What a week it has been. It seems like we only started yesterday and are already at the end. If your week has been anything like mine, it’s been busy. But, if you are anything like me, you will love it! I don’t particularly appreciate standing still; metaphorically, I like to keep things moving, and that’s what we have been doing all week.


This week, I like to talk about Motivation. What motivates us? Because what might motivate some will not necessarily motivate all. Some think that money is the ultimate motivator, which might be true for some, but not everyone. As I contemplated this topic, my mind wandered, and I recalled something I asked myself long ago. Can I motivate people? I have always felt that I could, but now, it’s not me motivating anyone; it is the person already energized and ready to do something! They are prepared to act; I am the conduit that fuels them.


There is a saying that goes, “Motivation is not what causes one to act. Rather, action causes Motivation.” This is true, especially as I think about the act of exercise. When I get up at 4 am, I am still sleepy. I am not motivated to exercise. Oh, but once I get out of bed, brush my teeth, put on my running wear, and walk out the door, GAME ON! There is no turning back! I don’t walk out the door saying I will run 7 or 8 miles; I look to make my first mile. After I run that mile and my apps say 1 mile completed, I am motivated to get to the 2nd. Now do you see how action spurs more action?


We think we have to get motivated to pursue our goals, whether going to the gym, saving money for a vacation, working on getting a promotion, or simply working with clients. When the truth is, we need something towards that goal to see progress. That progress (action) makes us want to hit that next milestone.


People say, “I am just not motivated to do anything.” But think about this: When we push through with whatever we want to achieve, whether we feel like it or not, we win—we usually get pumped and enjoy the pursuit. Author Mark Manson says, “Action isn’t just the effect of motivation, but also the cause of it.” Mark offers his theory of The Do Something Principle. He says our actions create other emotional reactions and inspirations and move on to motivate our future actions. Taking advantage of this knowledge, we can re-orient our mindset in the following way:


Action → Inspiration → Motivation


I would love to motivate you, but I can’t. I am committed to creating an environment where you feel empowered to act. Then watch that ripple effect happen as you keep going. So this Friday, let us commit to reframing how we approach our jobs and life in general. Let’s together take action to inspire creativity that will inspire and ultimately fuel our Motivation to achieve whatever goals we have set for ourselves.


I hope you got something out of this. Happy Friday!

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